Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Three Spies in Key West

“Yeah, but it’s my moonlighting gig.”  The crowds were thick and loud on Duval street.  A Lynyrd  Skynyrd cover band was back, tuning up for a second set at Sloppy Joe’s.  People were walking from one t shirt shop or bar to the next and nobody was turning up Greene to look at the preserved fire station a block north of the strip.  Harry looked at Corbett with a raised eyebrow.  “Hey, I am a drug dealer.”  Corbett said.  “That means, occasionally, I have to actually sell somebody drugs.  Mike’s that somebody.  And its only pot so don’t get wound up.” 

“Technically, it’s against the law.”  Harry said, doing all he could not to smile.

Corbett took the bait.  “So’s carrying that cannon you’ve got stuck down your back.” 

Harry laughed.  “Just making sure we understand each other.”

Jenny looked at Harry.  “I thought you were done for the weekend.”

“I am.  But if my old friend here decides to poison my beer so he can abscond with you, I’m going to drill him between the eyes.”

Jenny looked at Corbett.  “Harry, if your old friend here moves five degrees in an unwelcome direction, his nuts are going to show up on a chest x-ray.”  She smiled and sipped her beer.

“You seem to attract a certain kind of woman, Harry.”  Corbett said.
It's a Job.  (I'll Get Back to You on the Career Part.)  by Mark Bunny

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Coming to Amazon this July

Not everybody quits the intelligence community to spend a few weeks in a Moscow airport seeking asylum.  Harry thought he’d go back to the career in publishing he started out on.  The one before the CIA got a hold of him.  The offer of a steady job got him into “the company”, losing his wife to dots he didn’t connect sent him packing.

Harry was lucky.  Not many men get a second chance at a career and not many guys in their forties catch the eye of an attractive, ambitious twenty-something like Jenny. 

Now Harry’s got a problem.  Jenny wants to be a part of his life and Harry is scared that the job he never really left will kill the only other person he’s ever fallen in love with.

That’s because Harry’s world is still a dangerous one.  Intelligence is like a certain west coast hotel.  You can check out any time you like, but you can never really leave.

"It's a Job.  I'll Get Back to You on the Career Part." by Mark Bunny

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