Thursday, September 27, 2012

Will Ya Look at the Time Already?

When I started Caustic Bunny I promised I'd post a piece every month to have some sort of continuity.  And that's what this functionally is:  A stopgap.  A finger in the dike of September to hold until I get around to October.

Its been a challenging month, getting to the keyboard to rattle off a few bon mots.  As summer drew to a close, I was mostly motivated by spending as much of the squandered season out in the open since in a few months an evening on the porch will chatter most of the teeth out of my head.  So it was off to a patio chair with a Richard Russo novel of incredibly fleshed out and empathethic characters who you'd wish would wander off into a Raymond Chandler novel and actually do something.

The joke of the month was when short round, having started in a new high school down here in Fungus County, asked me why there was a word in German for a certain insect that was anything but native to Germany.  Same reason we have an English word for lion.

Although it wasn't always that way.  In the early days, when young children were read bedtime stories from the Bible, one of their favorites was the tale of Daniel in the den of the "Holy Shit! Run!!"

MM put up a nice piece on home repair and I was briefly inspired to follow suit since I have a collection of Paramour stories, mostly about the electrical system that surely switches something on and off somewhere, we're just not sure what.  Or where.  Or when.  But I've been trailing MM for years now on subjects and I think people are starting to notice.

But there will be a following post about calling in the electrician a few weeks ago when nothing would turn the bathroom light on when in fact the switch worked, the light worked, the current sensor lit up like Luna Park when touching a wire but you were still pretty much relying on resting your knees on either side of the bowl and pissing more or less on center after dark.

I even thought about shutting the Bunny down.  Nothing was really gelling and I was getting a little sad that a lot of links and blogs I used to follow were either leading to Asian sex toy sites now or had dust on them that started accumulating in 2009.  But I decided that, when I shutter Bunny, it won't be on a whimper but on a bang like when I confess I've been Brad Pitt all along.

Bunny on.

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