Monday, October 21, 2013

Hi Honey, I'm Home!

You may or may not have noticed an interlude.  Perhaps not, since there are really just a few of you and if you're smart enough to read this blog you're smart enough to know that, as media goes, blogging is kind of fading into the background.  Planned, constructed thoughts and observations have been largely supplanted by 144 character verbal emissions that generally revolve around Real Housewives of A Place You Thank Goodness You Don't Live or what you knee jerk think about the latest knee jerk thing to knee jerk to on CNN or some other tripe.  Not even the good stuff anymore, like getting to second base with one of the Wilson twins, having the recipe turn out perfectly this time or hearing the doctor tell you its another few years before any fingers have to go there.

Most of the blogs I still read are more commercially driven and written by folks who likely string sentences together for money.  Most of us amateurs have dropped back.  Of course, to every rule there is an exception, so if we all chant "Please come back, MM!!" together, that desperately missed so and so might get the message that we're still here, waiting.

If you've come this far though, let me explain.  I got a little distracted and, as much as I hate breaking a streak of posting some insignificant niblet at least once a month since July of 2005, I had bigger fish to fry.

A wistful remembrance set to paper in March became not a bad first chapter became a plot became my second book.  Now that I'm finished the first draft, it's time to take the red pen of death to it and, as Vonnegut would say (if you run into someone at a bus stop on third avenue, can you claim to know him?):  "If a sentence doesn't illuminate your subject in some new and interesting way, scratch it out."
That's a paraphrase from something he wrote in the late seventies for aspiring writers that stuck with me.  That's funny, because in the late seventies, most of what I aspired to was second base with one of the Wilson twins.

I'll be back shortly.  As short as the summer was, there was an all you can eat buffet and a couple of other odd events that are only fresh material for twisted minds such as I am.

In the meantime, be well and consider that if you can say it in 144 characters or less, likely as not, its not worth saying.

Bunny on.

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