Thursday, July 03, 2014

We Know Them Better

“Ok Elizabeth.  From now on, nothing’s a surprise, ok?  Even if it is.”

There was a slight furrow in her brow but she managed a smile.  “I’ll do my best.”

“Well hey there.  Fancy running into you.”  Donald sat down hard next to Harry and slid into him, pushing him closer to the wall.

“Donald, I’ve got restraining papers!” Elizabeth hissed.

“You don’t need them, I just want to say hi.”

“Get lost Donald.  This time I mean it.”  Elizabeth was already flushed.

“You really should leave.  Now.”  Harry said.  “And it’d be a good idea if you never tried anything like this again.  Leave her alone.  Permanently.”

“You think?”  Donald was grinning.

“I do.”  Harry smiled.

“And that sounds like a great idea to me too.” Hedblom said.  His apron was gone, replaced by his suit jacket.  He sat down next to Elizabeth.

“Who the fuck are you?”  Donald demanded.

“Well, I’m not the bartender.  Even you can figure that out.”  Hedblom said.  Donald leaned over and looked towards the bar.  “Oh, he’s gone.”  Hedblom continued. “And given the record we pulled up on him, he won’t be back.  Doesn’t matter what you offer to pay him.”

“You’re a fucking cop.”  Donald sneered.

“I’m not a cop.”  Hedblom nodded at Harry.  “Neither is he.”  McClatchy pulled a chair away from a table across from the booth and sat down.  “Him though…”

Donald straightened.  “I haven’t done anything.”

“Technically, you’re violating a restraining order.”  McClatchy began.  “Now that’s a local offense, but since I’m a law enforcement officer,” He laid his FBI i.d. out on the table. “I’d be remiss if I didn’t take some kind of action.  Now I work at a federal level so eventually I’d have to toss you back to the locals, but since you’re threatening another government officer, we’d be obliged to ensure you weren’t first a larger threat.”

“Officer?” Donald looked confused now.

“I just barkeep as a hobby.”  Hedblom offered with a smile.

“Like I said,” McClatchy continued. “We’d have to ensure you didn’t pose a greater risk than you initially seem to.  It might take a few weeks to process all that.”

“I know my rights.”  Donald protested.

“We know them better.”  McClatchy cut him off.
from "It's a Job (I'll Get Back to You on the Career Part)" by Mark Bunny


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