Monday, September 22, 2014

Honestly, Mr. Bryson

I'm reading Notes From a Small Island, Bill Bryson's travelogue of wandering through Britain before re-patriating to the United States and finding it very enjoyable.  I'm familiar with a lot of his locales and tend to do as he does, wander semi-pointlessly while collecting observations along the way.

It got me to thinking, always a dangerous position, that I could regale you (both of you) with a few of my journeys of the past few years.  This is the same dangerous thinking that hit me when I found out my friend, the magazine man, had started this new thing called a "blog" that I thought I could do just as well.  I can't match Bryson and I'll never catch MM but the challenge is there, nonetheless.  I'm hoping that a few anecdotes about pulling off of a London road just off of Tower Bridge to warm myself with a pint, of getting back to an "A" road in Scotland after negotiating a soaked fauna canopy on a drizzly September day to try and score a lukewarm bath in the incredibly stingy hotel we had booked, to a northern Italian meat dinner by a two thousand year old forum, might pique the interest of whomever still reads this thing.

So in the next few weeks, look for England, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Virginia, North Carolina, Arizona and whatever else I can dredge up to populate this site.  I like to travel, I like to watch people and collect their stories and I like to prime myself to get back to my third unpublished book.

As with all things, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing about it.

Bunny on.


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Well, at least you are still posting. Maybe some day, that Klingon summer camp will pay off for me too.

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