Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Its still 11pm on the 30th!

If angst is associated with late December and what to select in a wall calendar for the upcoming year, you might consider two things;

1) Instead of making the commitment to one theme for the year, enthralling as "Mice Portraying Major Shakesperian Characters" or "Gremlin Power: The AMC 70's Glory Years" may be, try investing in more than one datekeeper and change themes with the seasons.

2) You really should have more important things to worry about.

But before you count out the second scoop in your raison's d'etre, let's think about point one. It's where I have my year going and, quarter by quarter, a new angle on life will be exemplified in an 8 1/2 x 11 color reproduction with pithy captions.

2012 Heroes: Men of the Sassamansville Volunteer Fire Company

January: Earl Schussnig

Earl drives Ladder one, although with no structure in town being over two stories, he sometimes wonders why. A seventeen year veteran, he's never lost a foundation.

February: Dave Stollsfus

Dave's specialty is accident rescue and no one can forget when he used the jaws of life to pull the case of Coors from the burning wreck back on 63 and Big Road before the heat skunked the beer.

March: Mick Economy

Mick's the bartender on off hours and remember, moderation counts. When you can't find the door, you're cut off, friend.

2012 Cuisine Showpieces: Women of the Royal Fork and Spoon Gourmet Buffet

April: Dierdre (juice machine) lives in town with her two daughters who have different last names. She dreams of ocean cruising and being able to upgrade to steerage.

May: Anne (hot entrees) knows just how to accent fresh whole flounder by subbing a stuffed olive for the eye to give you that "guilty" stare.

June: Wendy (chinese sterno hot trays) won't let you sneak that second won ton past her! She hopes to make head cashier by attrition and natural cause death on the job.

2012 Hobby Wonderlands: The Men of Model Railroading

July: Cory hails from Brookfield, Wisconsin. He's 5 foot 9 and weighs in at 112 and likes cuddling, walks on the beach, F units and eastern Appalachian coal haulers.

August: Jim's a native Nebraskan six foot husker and a sturdy 265. Can't fool Jim, he's a dyed in the wool open grid benchwork and hard shell scenery man. Ooooh!

September: Andy is quiet and reserved and would rather spend an evening in conversation than at a bar or club. Look deep into his eyes to find out if snap track and ready to run really did ruin the beauty of scratchbuilding. Andy likes Conrail and hopes you do too.

2012 Spirits of the Season: Couples of the State Store

October: Ray and Luwanda (State Store 4910-Lycoming) Here's a fun twosome who won't ever not price check your box wine over the loudspeaker.

November: Enid and Emil (State Store 1310-Beaver Township) "E and E"s discriminating taste buds will always lead you to the perfect Pouille-Fuisse. Just ignore that they pronounce it "pull yer fuse."

December: Santa and the Missus (State Store 48-Allentown) Let "Santa" entertain the kiddies while the Missus directs you to the perfect holiday grain alcohol for your punch base and please take me with you the old drunk falls into a funk on New Year's that lasts until August!!!!

See you next year!

Bunny on.

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