Monday, March 08, 2010

Pate is the New Loaf

I'm thinking that the cats eat better than I do.

Because while I am chomping on all natural, heart healthy Veggie Chips, the four of them are tucking into "Classic Pate" which, by the tag line on the case of 32 I just bought, "Loaf" is now.

Yes, Loaf is now Classic Pate which of course means the cat will turn his or her nose at it somewhat less infrequently than he/her snubbed good ol' loaf. Because cats are all about class and attitude.


Not really.

Cat owners, some of them anyway, are.

Cats are practical. They'll eat rodent gizzards if they need to survive. They don't hold any illusions of Classic Pate being any more than yesterday's Loaf and it doesn't portend Julia Child in the kitchen, fluffing tails and whipping up a little light Coquille Seulment Pour Chat.

Cat owners, some of them anyway, think that the fancier the label, the better little Pibbles, Bing -Bing, Mewkus or Monkey Butt will like the pureed whale snot that's being doled out of the tremendously expensive little can.

Of course I'm not like that. Cats eat what they eat and I couldn't care less although I found it encouraging that I could now serve Classic Pate to the little monsters and not have to dupe them into another evening of Loaf.

The Veggie Chips aren't bad either, but I need to remind Thumper that in fact, a potato is a veggie.

I could just as easily have a dog, because I like dogs as much as I like cats. But I'm more of a cat owner, which is to say I'm a little more sensitive. Can't stand leaving the house every morning with some dewey-eyed pooch wide-retina'd at you, wagging and drooling "DON'T GO!" The cat's "Yeah, see you when you get back, maybe." between hindquarters lick is a little more condusive to me getting into the car.

So it's cats for me for now. Four of them: Two that came from the knob and tube, one from Thumper's house, one that seems to have come with the new place.

Pate is the new loaf.

If only steak were the new Veggie chips.

Bunny on.


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