Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Excuse Me a Moment, I Think the Cat's Lost It

The cat (who I
adore) but not without unregarded eye
is kept close watch on at night.

Is nuts I fear.

Off her perch she
between the front door and the tree
is running like the mouth on a gossip.

She's gone insane.

Window to couch
again to same then tuck and crouch
to pounce upon the fleck of dust she just killed.

ADD's got nothing on her.

Fuss and worry
the last lost ornament the furry
macrame Santa from the pine she shimmied up last week.

Like Axemen on catnip.

Open the door for puss
but when her paw hits that first frozen step the wuss
makes a sound like "Gneeeiiigh!" and darts back for the rest of Shark Week.

Might be the weather.

No surprise its as cold
as a snowman's convention in an old
but functional freezer in the Antarctic in the middle of June.

And it ain't getting warmer.

Add to that the light
Of which there's none its been straight night
Sun's been scarcer than a lawyer's ethics since last Tuesday.

I've been a little edgy too.

Cooped up in the house
Chasing down a blue flannel mouse
While Mick and Keith, the squirrels, raid the feeder with abandon outside.

Talk about wasted potential.

If the weather doesn't break
And the sun don't come out to melt the top cake
Of ice of the thousand pound block that once was a well running car.

I'm gonna join her naked and furry running around the house.


Blogger Kathryn said...

that made me smile

5:52 PM  

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