Thursday, December 10, 2009

Catching Up with Some Child Stars

Where are they now? CB caught up with some seasonal stars who hit it big as kids on the small screen! Folks you may not have thought about in years but who once warmed hearts all year long but especially in the magic month of December.

Pebbles Flintstone: Literally born on the set of the series that ran from 1960 to 1966, Pebbles just celebrated her 48th at home in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania. Remembered as the adorable redheaded baby in the original series, Pebbles re-launched her career in the late seventies with her child co-star and now domestic companion, Bam Bam. The two appeared in a rock band in the second, short-lived series and Pebbles and Bam Bam moved to Hollywood where she began working in advertising. Bam Bam kept pursuing acting but without Pebbles at his side, he found that he wasn't the draw he thought he could be. The couple eventually married, had twins but the marriage foundered shortly thereafter. Pebbles lent her name to a breakfast cereal who's royalties paid the bills. She struggled in her career, which wasn't helped when her now estranged husband agreed to star in a pornography film. A moderate success in the smut business, "Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam!" was unfairly associated with his ex-wife and cost her several promotions.
Pebbles, now single, dated several celebrities, Gene Simmons among them but never formed any lasting relationships. Her self-esteem slipped and she at one point binged on brontosaurus burgers. She ballooned to over 200 pounds before she decided to move back east. Settling in a suburb of Allentown, she adopted exercise, lost her excess weight and became a fitness spokesperson. Now a marketing executive for the Lehigh Valley Velodrome, she can be seen at major cycling events, has been considered as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig and is rumored to be in a relationship with Lance Armstrong.

Cindy Lou Who: When she was no more than two, she caught "Santy" taking away her Christmas tree. Cindy never pursued acting after the original "Grinch" but rather settled in Grand Couteau, Louisiana "as far from freaking frozen Mount Crumpet as I could get." A waitress at the renowned "Catahoula's" in Grand Couteau, Cindy earned a respectable if anonymous living. She once dated Gene Simmons but the relationship faltered in 1982. Cindy is a lifelong member of the NRA and in December 2007 was awakened by the breaking of a Christmas ball ornament on the floor of her small home.

Cindy Lou Who, who was no more than sixty two, crept to the living room to see what was new.

There she met (paroled felon Lewis) Grinch, dressed as Santy Claus, stuffing his sack of goodies up the chimney.

"Santy" she said, "Why? Why are you taking these things that I own? Things that I've worked for. For me alone?"
"Well, my child," the fake Santy Claus lied, "There's a setting on one side of a bracelet that's missing. A diamond or ruby or saphire would be stunning. So I'll put it into my sack and take it to my workshop at the North Pole. I'll fix it up there, and I'll bring it back here."

"Nice try ersatz Kris." Cindy replied "But while fooling me once, twice hurts my pride. I'm older and wiser and on to your game, so pardon me now if your lies come out lame."
"Its been a hard life and I've earned all I keep, so I'm not going to give in to some felon creep."
And with that being said, as Grinch stood by her heater, Lou Who drew out her nine millimeter.

When spring came along, a pine box was Grinch fitted, and later in May Ms. Lou Who was acquitted.

Lucy Van Pelt: Doctor Lucille Van Pelt retires next year after a successful career as a psychologist, self help author and celebrity therapist. In the early eighties she distanced herself from her brother Linus, lead vocalist of "The Blankets" and turned her attention to writing self help books. A degreed psychologist from Johns Hopkins, she turned away from private practice "I wasn't exactly getting rich, a nickle at a time" to write I Can Fix You For Five Cents. The book was a New York Times bestseller and solidified her position as a populist guru of mental wellness. She counseled Schroeder, then conductor of the New York Philharmonic but dropped him as a client when rumors of inappropriate contact surfaced. Other clients include Patty Halperin, the "Peppermint" woman whom she guided through a difficult coming out period in the early nineties. She was romantically linked to Gene Simmons in the mid-nineties.
Dr. Van Pelt established herself in 2001 with her book; Auuugh! What to do When Life Pulls the Football Out from Under You. That blockbuster earned her appearances on Larry King, Oprah, Doctor Phil, Regis and Kathie Lee, The Weather Channel and made Van Pelt a household name in self-help therapy. Dr. Van Pelt has not announced her retirement plans but is thought to be working on a memoir of her life and work, tentatively entitled "I Ought to Knock Your Block Off."

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