Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And So It Ends

Not really.
I'm just fucking with you. There's more, there always is.
The day after tomorrow, July the first, will be the fifth anniversary of the first bunny.
I usually don't stick around that long.

So I read the July One Bun just about every year. It reminds me of where I was and I reflect on where I am.

Five years ago I had just gotten back from London. Was just about to set off on a new single life. Was wondering what the devil to do with "her."

Was watching fireflies off the back deck of a house in the country.

Lusting after a freshly turned 24 Natalie Portman.

July the first, a good friend would always call me from Canada, wish me a happy Fourth and I'd wish him a happy Canada Day. Five years ago was no different.

July the first always reminds me to buy a birthday card for a dear friend and put it on the kitchen table, ready to mail for arrival the 25th. Been doing that for 22 years. Ok, I do stick around from time to time.

This July the first, I'll write my fifth anniversary bunny. No idea about what but I'm sure some caustic glance at the world will yield material. I just need to pay attention.

Won't get any phone calls. Haven't for the last four years. Miss you my friend. Think of you often.

Won't be back from any trips. Still haven't figured "her" out. Know exactly what to do with her. Married her.

Given up on Natalie. I don't think she's ever read the blog. Betcha Diane Lane has and she's closer to my...um...age. Heck I'm almost just a little or kind of almost over one, ok, one and a half times Natalie's age.

The fireflies are back, the thirteen year old chases them around yelling "Buggy!!"

Pardon me if I didn't see that coming.

Hope you've enjoyed the ride thus far. I've enjoyed having you around. Now as Magazine Man, my original inspiration, would say:


Bunny on.


Blogger Ericka said...

i have enjoyed the ride so far. haven't always understood it, but i've decided to be as philosophical about it as possible, given my overall shallowness.

i'll stick if you do.

9:34 PM  
Blogger Johnny C. said...

Glad you're still making it happen.

You're one out of the few blogs that I still read.


1:04 PM  

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