Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Here It Comes Your 19th Nervous Breakdown

The same Saturday morning ray of sunlight that warmed Harry's feet was heating Boris' entire body. He sat in the valley of the comforter, licking the length of his hind leg. The leg extended out at an angle to the cat's body. It reminded Harry of a ballet dancer's stretch. Up until the point that the dancer licked the length of his leg.

"Hi." Harry said, then held his breath. The cat kept licking. Harry exhaled slowly and stretched in relief, nudging Boris out of his comforter valley. The cat gave him a dirty look and then settled into an adjoining valley, still in full sun. Harry slid out of the left side of the bed. That had always been his side and even now, Colleen a memory of warmth on his right, he refused to stray or wander. He slept on the left, got into bed on the left, got out the same way. He walked to the bathroom to piss. Then he walked back to the bedroom to make the bed. He wasn't getting back in. The day had started, time for coffee and the morning paper and whatever else he could come up with to pass the time. He started straightening the sheets and comforter.

"Something wrong with my corner of heaven?" Boris asked.

Harry looked at the cat. He said nothing.

"Cat got your tongue?" Boris asked and then shook his head while expelling air out of his mouth and nose. It looked to Harry like he was sneezing other than Boris baring his fangs at mid-expellation. "Ok, so we haven't gotten laughing down to reaction you can comprehend." Boris said, looking at Harry with one eyebrow arched. Which was to say one top of eye collection of whiskers higher than the other eye.

"Fuck." Harry said.

"Can't. You had that taken care of. On top of which I am very much not interested in you. I'd say heterosexual but that's so...I don't know, sapio-centric? So why didn't I answer you when you addressed me this morning? Hmm. You'd have what? Sprung out of bed like a madman, launching me at the ceiling fan with aplomb? Dude, you've got to remember the six to one weight ration you've got."

Harry answered "Fuck."

"I see we're off to a good start. Tell you what. You go downstairs and get some coffee going. Clean out my bowl and serve 'breaky' like you usually do. I promise I'll just rattle along in something you can understand until you get settled. Then we can chat."

Harry looked at the cat. Boris yawned, then snapped his jaw shut. The cat looked at Harry and meowed loudly.

"Ok. Ok. I'll get you breaky." Harry said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, now I want to know what they talked about over breaky.

You know I hate a cliffhanger...!

2:31 AM  

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