Sunday, April 03, 2011

Been There, Done That

Sometimes, history offers you the perspective of having been in the exact same place at two very distinctive times. This is one of them. Top shot was stealing the old man's Leitz for a shot while he was arguing with his nephew. Bottom shot was thirty eight years later while Thumper held the camera bag. There's a lot you could say about the juxtaposition and indeed, the pontificatory bullshit has been running through my mind all afternoon. Fortunately, I know what I think and its nothing new to me so I'll spare me from it. The more interesting realities I come up against daily are the reactions and opinions of those around me. Safe to say I'm getting to the point of my brief existance that I start to understand the wonder of having seen all I've seen. I'm older, to be sure, but not so old as to be planing pine for a soon to be constructed box. And not so old as to crab out moronic "when I was your age's" to the mildly bored youth who get close enough to be inflicted with stories. But by golly, a lot has changed and a lot of time has passed and how lucky am I to have seen it and recorded it and memorized it? Take a look around you. I'll bet you can say the same. Bunny on.


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