Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meme Ca Change

Bear with me.

I don't do this well so I'm going to naturally color outside of the box, think outside the lines which is to say I will adapt this pass-along from Cog, mostly sticking to it but where I transgress it'll be attributed to creativity and original thought.

Which of course, it isn't. I'm lazy and if there's a shortcut, I'll take it. Two roads may have diverged into a yellow wood and Frost took the one less travelled by. I'll take the one where the bicycle is parked. Unlike Frost it won't take three days and some fine hounds to track me out of that freaking yellow wood he got lost in.

Much as I like to talk about me, its not really me but a humorous projection of me. Hiding behind character so this exercise in get to know ya comes with no small amount of discomfort because I'm inevitably going to slip and the rumpled guy behind the bunny mask is going to slip ever so slightly out. Add to that the previous blog which should have been put up on Cunniculus Acerbum but shucks, if you think few read this...

Two straight-faced entries in a row and the next thing you know my stories will be about a slow acceptance of death while high above the last of winter lingers at altitude.

I'm going to almost forgive you Cog. Almost in that one of these days I hope to be back in my favorite city with a neat whiskey and I'm going to have held my funniest line in check until you're savoring some small batch which I will force you to eject from your nose at said line's delivery. Cheers and here goes:

What are your current obsessions? Getting back to that place of well-roundedness between the personal and the professional. Or at least getting closer. Professionally I had a gig a few years ago that still is the apogee of career in that I got to do what I liked with a bunch of folks like MM whom I liked and for whom I had a lot of respect. These days I still respect and like the folks I work with but it ain't the family the old job was and this gig, while it pays the rent and then some, still sometimes chews you up daily for no particular reason. Personally these days, life is good. I'd like more good professionally 'cause that's where my hours are spent. And when I'm spending hours here, I'd like good to extend beyond fat dumb and happy back to doing something that, though it might never be read by eyes other than mine, is doing something.

What item from your wardrobe do you wear most often? Cowboy boots. Oxblood and polished to the office because folks, I'm not going to lead you on. I seriously don't want to fit in. Scuffed, worn and black on weekends because, yes, you read my body language right and I will stuff one where the sun don't shine if you even think of pushing back ever again.

What's for dinner? The happiness of making it up as you go along. Pour a decent cab sauvignion and play with your food. Last night it was Cajun catfish, maybe a beer batter cod Friday, eight hour barbeque on the smoker this weekend. Who cares? The process is the goal.

What is your greatest fear at the moment? Lingering. We all have this love/hate relationship with dying but I don't want to wind up with clothing metaphysically caught on the fence dangling between poles.

What are you listening to? Coltrane, Zevon.

What are your favorite holiday spots? New Orleans, Utah, Wyoming on horseback. London, in a place called "The Angel of the Fields" that I renamed "The Fallen Angel" as a setting for two characters to come together.

What are you reading right now? Too much WW2 history, not enough Hemingway, finishing off "The Fountainhead."

What is your guilty pleasure? Reflecting on the past few years in a favorable light.

Who or what makes you laugh? Very little since, though I enjoy myself tremendously I very seldom laugh out loud. A lot of folks misread that as dour and humorless but quite the contrary I find life hilarious. Flight of the Conchords, Ron White, Lewis Black, Penn and Teller. They can break the surface of mirth and make those who know me realize I do like to laugh, its just that I sound like a rabid hyena when I do.

What is your favorite spring thing to do? Watch the sunset with Thumper as the temps settle back into the sixties for the night and astound that there's someone I found...

Where are you planning to travel next? Arizona. And I might not come back if I like it.

What's the best thing you ate or drank lately? A submarine sandwich at the Montreal auto show in 1974. Oh, hell, there's plenty since and the point is I can get it all again but I'll never again have that salami and delicately sliced onion, clambering over Chryslers while the old man actually seems to like me that day.

When was the last time you were tipsy? That would be now. Cheers!

What is your favorite ever film? Witness. Because it is still and will always be my way.

What book should you read but refuse to? The Iliyad. Anything by Henry James. There are dozens of hundreds of thousands of others that I should read but less than I refuse to, I know, truth be told that I'll pick a used copy up, dutifully plant myself in el assiedo los mas comfortable and promptly pop on "Funniest Home Videos" 'cause "I swear, the cat sat on the remote." Please see entry above, "I'm lazy."

What is your physical abnormality/abnormal physical ability? If I told you that, you'd know who moved the car behind the shed last week?

Who is your favorite artist? Edward Hopper, who could not paint the human face beyond a caricature but whose understanding of light could captivate you for years.

If your pets could talk, what would they say? It's ok about the golf ball. You can forget about it. I miss you too.

Ok, that's it and here's where I color outside the lines. Thimbelle, Ericka, tag, you're it. I don't read a lot of blogs so I'm not going to randomly call out people I neither know nor care about. Jeni, I'd rather read your stories as you tell them to us. There you have it. Stuck to the script for the most part, wandered off the reservation when it suited me.

Cog, there is no agreed upon pronounciation of my favorite city but someday I hope we'll shake hands in central park.

Bunny on.


Blogger Jeni said...

Ron White cracks me up and so does Lewis Black! My son gave me a book for Christmas by Lewis Black -which right now I can't locate and I can't remember the damned title either but man, it is hysterical! Edgy, very, very edgy! To say the least.
And thank you so much too for leaving me off the hook on that meme thing. God knows I do hate to try to do them so Mucho Gracias galore! And thanks too for your comment that you'd much rather read my stories as I tell 'em. You have to be a glutton for punishment to follow my ramblings -on topic, off topic, go to a whole new realm, all in one post! But I write the way I talk -which is to say, I ramble and which my kids would also say "You betcha!"
Cheers and Peace and here's to a very enjoyable post too!

10:23 PM  
Blogger cog said...

and now you are familiar with the depth of my discomfort. Notice how quickly I pushed it from the top of the page.

In this favorite city, is there a housey bar with good calzones and yuengling in sixes?

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crap. Been busy - just saw that you tagged me, you furry little...

Going back to reading/catching up on your exploits.

Hope you (and all your long-eared friends and family) are healthy and reasonably happy.

1:42 AM  

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