Monday, February 11, 2008

The Cable Lineup

I-95 Truckers: Follow a team of Northeast Corridor drivers as they haul load after load along the treacherous and eternally under construction I-95 road competing for the big bucks as they keep a Wal-Mart in New Haven Connecticut stocked with garden hoses.

Mythbusters: Adam and Jamie get behind the truth of Hercules, the Minotaur, Zeus and Mount Olympus.

Modern Marvels: Modern Marvels: The marvel of a show that can spend an hour on pull tab cat food cans.

Flip This House!: Introduce a trebuchet to the sagging real estate market.

Dirty Jobs: Join Mike Rowe as he slops hogs, cleans up roadkill, flushes septic systems and testifies on tobacco marketing for Phillip Morris.

The Deadliest Catch: David Tyree demonstrates his ball handling to the Patriot's Fan Club in Foxboro, MA.

Breaking Wind: An AMC original series that follows a disgruntled high school chemistry teacher who reveals that flatulence is flammable to his 12 year old son. He then follows the boy with a video camera hoping to find his fortune on You Tube.

Old Junk Roadshow: Professional appraisers confirm that the attic crap you brought to the studio isn't worth the price of the gas you burnt getting it here.

Life After Certain People: An in depth look at what things will be like once Aunt Erma keels and if your boss ever got off your back.

Trading Spouses: TV MA. Mature content and themes.


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