Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Quality Since Chicken 1919

Maybe my commute is getting a little long, it only seems like Fairbanks to Key West on a daily basis but I swear I read this on the back of a truck this morning.

What the hell happened to Chicken 1918? Did he just not care about quality? Sure, beaks and eggshells in the mix, what the hell, throw them in there.

Chickens 1920 through 1999 were clearly company fowl as the reputation of Chicken 1919 was kept pure and pristine throughout the years. But what happened with Chicken 2000, the milennium bird, the Y2K bird? Did she let it slip? Was quality now a thing of the last century of chickens? Or could we count on her to soldier on? Let quality be her and her successors guidepost until the vaunted Chicken 2019, the centennial chicken came along to celebrate an hundred years of unrelenting attention to detail and value?

Were there dark Chickens 1932 or perhaps Chicken 1941? Was Chicken 1957 a one of a kind wing? Did the Chickens of the Sixties eschew the establishment roost that had won the war to build a standard of living for the entire barnyard to envy?

Did Chicken 1977 begin to lose it?

Did Chicken 1984 pry into everybody's business?

What happens to Chicken 2020? Do we go back to the chicken dark ages when quality didn't matter? Or do we herald a new era of Chicken goodness and fairness that even the turkeys can admire?

Yep. The commute is getting to me.

Bunny on.


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