Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Serious Note

Every once in a while you'll get one.

You participants already know this. The blogosphere is one of the democratic vanguards in what will truly be a global village one of these days. That said, the world is still fraught with peril and danger.

So when a blogger makes another blogger welcome in their city and their home without any introduction other than a collection of silly stories and emailed anecdotes, they've paid homage to what the blogosphere can aspire to be. They've also shown a mark of character.

Spent a little time at the real Finn's Space last weekend and I owe the gracious Ms. Kathryn thanks for taking the time to show me around her city and share her company and the company of her friends with me. I had a marvelous time, met some wonderful people and came home with another thousand stories.

Kathryn, please keep your hiatus as short as you can manage. Wish we could exchange competing stories on bad pool players but I'll have to do it justice by myself. We'll miss you in bunnyworld. Come back soon.

Bunny on.


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