Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lunch At Cafe Awkward

With the approach of the holidays like a woodchuck on viagra and ecstacy, the company I work for has decided to cast the balanced diet approach aside and jump headfirst into a carnivorous lovefest.

Mild mannered otherdays salad bar clusterers are gathering 'round the prime rib like wolves around a felled moose pointing at the moist and juicy bits and does it all come with potatoes AND a roll?

Yes, it does and if you ate like this every day so would you.

Not only that, the hautes gourmandes are flicking bits of portabello out of the greens because "who needs to eat a fungus when there are seconds on the roast?" Shocking and horrifying but I'm taking pictures to use against them in February.

I'm just buckling down to get through the next month and a half or so where we in corporate America look around and figure out we've pissed away most of the summer and now things really have to get wrapped up by New Year's so its off to the steeplechase and oh, throw Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's in there just to raise the bars a bit or deepen the pool.

Ho ho bloody ho.

Now, where's the bar?

It's gonna be a long six weeks.


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