Monday, November 07, 2005

Hopeful Responses

As a humor writer, -or a humour writer for our friends north of the border who pepper their language with extraneous vowels and "ough's" rather than following our Mr. Webster into standard, short, logical spelling conventions because we're mostly illiterate anyway- I look forward to the positive response to the latest Bunny item and often I get it.

"Hey, that was funny!"

"Hey, that happened to me once!"

"So you're the sonofabitch who dipped my hand into lukewarm water at Scout camp. I know where you live!"

More often than not, I am rewarded with an acronym: LOL, ROTFL, LSHMTDOHJ (Laughing so hard my teeth dropped out, Holy Jesus!)

For those of you that can empathize, but like me sometimes have a hard time decoding these modern constructs of the electronic era, I offer the following short guide to instant messaging, blackberry-speak or goofs who just don't want to type it out.


Bunny's Guide To On Line Acronyms for Those Born Before 1974

LOL Laughing out loud
ROTFLOL Rolling on the floor laughing out loud
ROTFL Rolling on the floor (Learn Not to Burn)
RAJLOL Rolling a joint laughing out loud (your joke may not have triggered this)
LOLIJ Laughing out loud in the joint (petition for a move if your cellmate does this)
LOLITA Laughing in a seductive way that will end badly for someone
LOLA Laughing like a woman but things are not always as they seem
LILLIAN Laughing like a catalog merchandiser
LILLETH A thin emaciated laugh
LINUS Laughing into a blanket
LINUX Laughing at Windows
LIBIDO Being able to laugh while aroused
LIBBYS Laughing at canned vegetables
LIBRARY Shh! No laughing in here!
AEROFLOT Laughing insanely and hoping your plane doesn't crash beyond the Urals
LIFD Laughing in the face of danger
DOA Danger didn’t think it was funny
LIBM Laughter is the best medicine
PROZAC But your laughter perscription expired.
LFNAR Laughing for no apparent reason
LIFER The apparent reason
WDKMMMSAF What doesn't kill me makes me stronger and funnier. (Nietsche: Originator of the rubber uberchicken)

Bunny on.


Blogger shad said...

Seriously, that was funny.
And seriously, He is Holy. Just kidding (I mean, not that He's holy, just that I'd be one of those people who felt it needed to be said... in a comment... on somone else's blog) (nevermind).
Great blog.

1:00 AM  

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