Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What a Difference Four Years Makes

Four years ago tonight I did a really stupid thing and put the first "Bunny" out on the web.
Then I waited for the accolades to come in, the book offers to knock and the door and the world to turn bright and shiny once again.

Thanks for reading, both of you. But you know what really happened. I gathered an audience the size of my bevy of cousins, the book is written but there's a thing called "balls" between it and publication and the world, while it has gotten very much better since those days, still has its blemishes.

I wrote about fireflies in an open field. The field is sold and I live in town. Standing out on the back deck buck naked for the 'flies would be looked upon critically now. Just proves once again though, that bugs are generally smarter and less inhibited than we are.

I wrote about friends who told me I should write. I interacted with them daily. Now I troll through Facebook and Ass Journal to catch up with them.

What I didn't write about was the relationship that was barrelling into a wall and would soon be over. That was private and continues to be. It ended. A new one began and I'll mention Thumper but there it ends. What she and I have is ours. Sorry folks, but if you want details on intimacies, you're going to have to read "Family Circus."

What I also didn't write about was the perigee of my life as it seemed to be then. I'm not here to whine. That's not the point of the blog and you should read for entertainment not empathy. Things have improved, dramatically, since then but I have to confess: I miss that back deck that looked out on farmland and woods whereupon I once stood, scant of fabric and wondered if "Bunny On" were a dirty challenge.

I ended that first blog with "enjoy the ride." Thanks for riding, it's been an honor to have you along. Enjoy the next year, the next two, the next decade if you will, 'cause I've no intent of leaving unless of course NPR signs me up. But I doubt it. Who the hell do I know in Washington anyway?

Bunny on!


Blogger Katha said...

Three, if you count me.

11:26 AM  
Blogger Ericka said...

am i #4 or #2? ;-)

12:38 PM  

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