Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Critic's Corner

From this reviewer's notebook comes last night's opening of "Hamlet" as produced by the Klingon Reperatory Theatre. KRT, as you well know, has taken up a space in the old Tudbury's department store, converting what was the "Karpet Loft" into a black box theatre with limited but comfortable seating. The rest of the structure was razed and the ruins set afire.

The Danish Prince is an interesting first selection for the Subaeish klan than makes up KRT as it is an ambitious piece for anyone, particularly those who aver the Stanislavsky method. Other companies in the country, for instance, Pittsburgh's Dyzala Klingon Imperial Entertainment Company of Players premiered somewhat lighter fare. They opened with "The Music Man" just before they were ritually slaughtered during the Blood Hunt of '04.

Nonetheless, I chose to keep an open mind as the lights went down. The set was gothic and gloomy and very fitting for the morose soliloquy that opens the play. However, I felt that the players rushed the piece as they immediately launched into combat scenes (very realistic, the stage trainer should be proud) and I felt that Rosencranz and Guildenstern were dispatched a tad early, never even delivering a first line.

The introduction of audience involvement put me off a bit too as the grave scene developed.

"Alas poor Yorick. I knew him Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. Now, who amongst ye is a Federation spy? I will slaughter one an hour until you come forward!

Maybe we should stick to more classical interpretations.

"Hamlet" runs now through the twelfth. Tickets are still available and there are discounts for children and senior citizens although I would encourage you to approach this as a family night with the appropriate prudence.


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