Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ahem (light on the starch)

I have, to this date, laundered:

-a tee shirt shilling Lasik surgery. I am still bespectacled, but a visiting college buddy, at least one that is not currently preserved in amber, seems to see just fine.

-the cutest little running socks, lined in powder blue and lime. I run, but my socks haven't seen the color white since the first Eisenhower administration.

-a thong.

-probably not mine.

-dancing monkey pattern confirms the above.

-a tee shirt touting an endangered species something or other and not restaurant, even though everyone knows Gila monster tastes just like chicken. Or rattlesnake.

Guys, I don't have a problem being your beautiful laundrette, but could you at least leave a couple of quarters on the kitchen table?

Bunny on, and easy on the bleach.


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