Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving Comes First

The first Advent, heralding four weeks until the Christmas day, this year happens on the 27th of November.

Tradition holds that one create an Advent wreath consisting of four candles and decorated in your choice and keep that as a centerpiece until on the fourth Advent, Christmas day, it be fully lit and incorporated into the festivities of the day.

Tellingly, the Advent, the moveable harbinger of Christmas, comes after Thanksgiving. This year and every year.


Shouldn't Thanksgiving come first?


Blogger Anna Lefler said...

Good heavens! I knew nothing about this!

When do I put on the Santa hat?

And also - Happy Thanksgiving to you!

:-) Anna

3:57 PM  
Blogger Thimbelle said...

Yes, indeed. Thanksgiving always comes first.

It seems, increasingly so, that in the frenzy leading up to The Big Day, we have lost so many of the intimate "little" rituals, like the Advent wreath.

I hope your Thanksgiving was all you could wish for!

2:41 AM  

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