Thursday, July 07, 2005

Talkin' 'bout my inspiration

Let's just stop for a moment.

Reflect, breathe deeply.

Now stub out the cigarette if you please.

That's better.

Here's a quick one. Why I got into blogging in the first place and who inspired me to do so: This is not a shameless plug for an old buddy. We hardly know each other. This is the real thing.

There's a blog out there called "Somewhere on the Masthead." It's written by a fellow called "Magazine Man." Once I have a clue, I'll link you to his site from here.

Read it. Simply put, it's some of the finest quality writing out there. Words fall from his pen the way expletives leave my lips during traffic.

Another thing worth reading: Anything by Dan Koeppel. He's a freelance writer who has appeared in NatGeo Traveler and a bunch of other pubs I can't remember.

I know him from his monthly column in Mountain Bike. Hug the Bunny it's called. And if gnarly gnashing granny gear freeform downhill spoke bendin' (I have no idea what I'm saying here) isn't your thing, don't worry. Koeppel is a writer who happens to bike, not a biker who writes. He is one of those writers able to imbue a natural interest in the subject through use of his words.

Both worth reading.



Blogger Magazine Man said...

You rule, CB. And thanks for the link. I know it isn't actually a link, but it's the thought. I was a full month blogging before I was able to embed links, and all because my stupid browser didn't show the handy buttons that usually exist right above the text window where you compose or edit your entry. And it's such a pain to type Somewhere on the Masthead (now watch, that probably won't even show up as code, but will be auto translated into a link. See, I'm still larnin')

10:09 AM  
Blogger Magazine Man said...

See what I mean? Now I just look like a self-promoting bastard...

10:10 AM  

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